Focus the Fire 002 – Be Unforgettable

Prepare to get fired!…or better yet, replaced.  If you to want grow, become a legend!

In this episode we teach you how to make being around you an amazing experience that people will remember, and want to repeat. Forget being the best. Become a legend where you are and move on the the next level of success.

  • Develop a deep understanding of who you are and what you believe 
  • Have a genuine desire to add value to the people and places you encounter
  • Spend time understanding people’s pain points
  • Try to solve big problems
  • Do simple things that are uncommon
    • Eye contact
    • Pause before responding
    • Keep your word
  • Unforgettable vs. Irreplaceable  

Put some rocket fuel in your career, grow faster, make deeper connections and more money.

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