Focus the Fire 008 – Don’t be intimidated:Greatness is yours for the taking
  • Increase your value – education, experiences and results
  • Understand your value
  • Rehearse your craft
    • You can read books and take classes all day but until you start doing, you won’t develop the confidence that makes people excited to compensate you at a high level
    • You can perfect what you don’t start
  • What is your unique value proposition? How can you solve a problem better anyone else?
  • Understand that everyone above you started lower than where they are right now.
  • What is really separating you from them?
    • Education, time, opportunity
    • On the inside you are just as good or even better!
  • Move quickly from impressed to inspired!
    • You can spend time being fascinated by people’s success or you can direct your energy toward dissecting and replicating that moves that helped them create those results.
  • Confidence offends the weak. Be prepared for the static.
  • Take control. No one can intimidate you. You can only allow yourself to be intimidated.
  • Take the limits off what you’ve been conditioned to think you deserve, and what you think you have the capacity to accomplish.


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