Focus the Fire 024 – Are you a 1D, 2D or 3D person? (Part 1)

  • It’s hard for people to believe that you can be good at more than thing.
  • One dimensional people. Only capable of assuming singular traditional roles.
    • Limited to people’s expectations and stereotypes.
    • Defined by the basic skills of their degree or profession
  • Two dimensional – Able to manage people and tasks
    • Competent in multiple technical skills that seem unrelated on the surface
    • Refuse to live and work within the limits of poorly crafted job descriptions
  • Three dimensional – Able to navigate the technical and esoteric. And, not or. Art and science
    • Execute tasks, manage people, AND inspire people to imagine a new future
The challenges:
  1. How can 2D and 3D people convince a world run by 1D people that they exist and that we can coexist?
  2. How do you communicate that you are more than your job history or resume?
  3. How can managers spot 2D and 3D talent and leverage these anomalies to benefit the organization?
  4. How can 2D and 3D people present themselves as non-threatening enough to gain access to opportunities where they can demonstrate their powerful contributions?
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