All the tips, tricks and fancy money management advice in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t master these things first.
Start with why (Simon Sinek)
  • You need a deep rooted conviction, linked to a tangible outcome.
  • Internal outcome – What will this do for you personally?
  • External outcome – What will this do for the people or causes you care about?
What are your limiting beliefs about wealth and money?
  • That’s not for me. I can’t do it. Money is bad.
  • Big man – Small man complex
  • I’m entitled to a life of luxury.
  • It’s too complicated.  I can’t afford to save.
Integrity and Discipline
  • Take a holistic approach.  Let integrity and discipline be characteristics that flow through different parts of your
  • Deferred gratification. Sacrifice now, enjoy later, celebrate small wins often.
YOU are a small business!
  • Entrepreneurs?  Your business is not your pocket book.  Keep things separate!
  • Budget, track expenses, plan for large purchases, plan for large inflows (re-invest or save?)
  • You can’t grow what you don’t track. Set specific targets.
  • Consider how you will improve and market your services to reach the people who can pay you more money.
Put some rocket fuel in your career, grow faster, make deeper connections and more money.
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