Focus The Fire 036 – How to scale you
  • Systems over transactions
  • Get what’s inside your head on paper.
  • Document the process, especially for things you seem to do intuitively.
  • Experiment with delegating certain tasks, or just ask someone to follow your instructions.
    • Where to they ask questions?
    • What went well or wrong?
    • How can it be more clear?
    • Can it be more efficient?
  • There’s only 1 you, but millions of dollars to make.
    • Put your time toward its highest use.
    • Is this task part of my core skills?
    • Is there someone else who can do this better or faster, while I do something more profitable?
  • Review the process for improvements and adjust quickly
  • Shorten the feedback loop
    • Create, test, review, adjust. Repeat.
    • Don’t let fear lure you into procrastination
  • Tools to assist
    • Microsoft word / Apple Pages
    • Evernote
    • Trello
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