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On this episode we look at a powerful way to reframe your professional life and move from being an employee, to a super hero in your own movie series. Who doesn’t love a good story right?Let’s get started with some of your own epic tales.

Here are 10 Questions to guide your story:

  1. What are the abilities you want to showcase in this narrative? “Tell us about a time when you had to…”
  2. Besides you, who are the other main characters needed to make this a great story?
  3. What is the major problem or conflict that you will solve?
  4. Can you describe it vividly in numbers, costs, or how long (time) the problem has been around?
  5. Why do you feel a strong desire to address this issue?
  6. Are there particular skills you have now or will develop to handle this issue like a boss?
  7. In 2-3 brief sentences, what is your plan of action? How will you save the day (or hour)?
  8. What challenges do you expect along the path to success?
  9. What is the outcome or resolution you would like to produce?
  10. How will this impact people directly involved or your community?

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