Have you had the frustrating experience where people like your work, but not enough to pay for it?  If you’re ready to push past average and position yourself as a professional worth real money, this show is for you.
What are you here for?
  • Likes & followers
  • Attention and company
  • Add massive value to people lives through your product/service?
Steps to begin monetising YOU:
  1. Focus on solving specific problems for your niche
  2. Position yourself as a professional. Step away from familiar people and places.
  3. Learn and study more than the average person (10,000 hours)
  4. Consider getting certified in your field. External proof.
  5. Scarcity. Be more selective about the gigs you take. Choose opportunities that match the direction you want grow.
  6. Research the market, assess your skills with help from a knowledgeable third party, set your new price range.
  7. Turn up the volume. Choose a channel where you can give your audience a controlled amount of free value.
  8. Prolific Quality Output (PQO) – Brendon Burchard
  9. For persons that can’t afford, or don’t want to pay cash, consider other ways you can receive enough value for your work.

Some alternative compensation options:

  • Formal written or video recommendation which you are allowed to use for marketing
  • Cover your travel costs
  • Allow you to send a direct invitation to all attendees to join your mailing list
  • Have the client provide a professional video recording of your presentation which you have the permission to use
Put some rocket fuel in your career, grow faster, make deeper connections and more money.
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