Having a sense of agency or control around your career is one of the best feelings.  You wake up each day feeling powerful, knowing that you are moving in the direction that you choose, rather than just following someone else’s instructions in exchange for a cheque. To gain that freedom we have to take some practical steps to structuring our lives. Over the next three weeks we dive into time, money and freedom, starting today, with freedom.
What do we do at Focus The Fire?
We teach young professionals the skills needed to enjoy a meaningful career that leads to more time, money and freedom.
Freedom – “Autonomy”:
  • The right or condition of self-government, especially in a particular sphere
  • Freedom from external control or influence; independence.
Why is freedom important?
Freedom allows you to make choices based on what’s best, not what you are limited to. You may be donating books when you really want to build a school.
How do we gain this freedom?
1. Avoid procrastination and unfocused work. Even if you’re resting or checking social media, let it be intentional and set a time limit.
2. Schedule your time using tools such as Google Calendar or Calendly.
3. Only touch things as many times as absolutely necessary. In some cases that may mean one and done. Limit distractions so your first draft is better quality and needs less time for revisions.
Question: What does freedom look like to you? Respond below or via twitter.
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