Traditional training teaches us to pursue success and excellence with passion. That gives the impression that the steps along the way are inherently wrong or less valuable. The work you produce may not be perfect, but it’s a lot more valuable than you think.  The rise of social media has us comparing our rough beginnings to other people’s highlight reel.  We feel as though our contribution isn’t worth public consumption because it’s “not as good as” that person, and that product.

There are many good things to say about pride and producing high quality work, but the fastest way to get to that point of mastery is by failing!  Fail, feedback, fix, then launch again…and again…and again.  Each time listening to the people you are trying to serve and making small or big adjustments as needed.

4 Reasons to Chase Failure
  • Less pressure to be perfect creates more freedom to create
  • Removes the fear of criticism because you took control and invited it from day 1
  • Faster way to learn while gaining momentum
  • Break through the wall of procrastination and analysis

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