We’ve been doing a lot of thing about why so many people have big dreams and struggle to make them a reality. What’s the real thing that separates the dreamers from the doers?

It’s been an interesting journey, and last week we hit the 10,000 downloads milestone thanks to your support. That’s 10,000 opportunities to make a positive impact on ambitions young professions around the world. On this episode we break down the one lesson that helped us get to this point.

Hard stuff, is hard. Do it anyway.

  • We all see the wall. We all have different tools at our disposal to get over it.
  • The main difference between success and failure is the narrative you feed your mind.
  • There must be a way to get through this, over it, around it.
  • It will take learning some new skills. That’s hard work. Do it.
  • It may mean swallowing your pride and asking for help. Do it, and take excellent notes. Don’t detach from the process when the expert arrives. Take on a student posture and pay even greater attention.
  • Many of us want to experience a level of success we never had, but insist on remaining the same person we have always been.
  • YOU, can’t accomplish your dreams. Not this you. There is a you that can fly at that altitude but you have to build that you.
  • Become what’s necessary!
  • New skills, new training, more discipline, some unpleasant failures, and more courage

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