Do you travel for business? On this episode we drop a load of insider tips to help you move like an expert traveller and stand out as a serious executive. For serious career growth, traveling alone or with other colleagues will be a necessary skill.  Here are some of our top tips for navigating business trips. This is more than a “what to pack” conversation so tune in to learn more.

  • How to pack
    • Try to avoid checking luggage
    • What do you absolutely need the next morning. Pack emergency kit of underwear and other essentials
  • What to wear
    • Practical vs. fancy
    • Choose shoes first, then build travel wardrobe around that.
  • Review itinterary, hotel info, transportation
  • Paper copy of passport and itinerary
  • Tech tools – TripCase, Accuweather,
  • Check weather for duration of trip
  • Immigration and visa requirements for that country
  • Reading material or something else construction to occupy your time.
  • Traveling with colleagues
    • Be prepared to make conversation, but know that over-talking can be annoying
    • Don’t be the weakest link
    • Be punctual
    • Be flexible
    • Give yourself enough time to execute your routine (morning coffee etc)
    • Move light. Don’t be the clumsy looking person with multiple bags, and trinkets
  • Check your companies travel policy if there is one for guidance on expenses, meals, tipping, corporate credit cards.
  • Online check in.  Sometimes available 24 hours before flight.
  • Get some local destination currency. Enough to get you to the hotel or cover accommodations for 1 night.
  • Even if it’s not required, set some clear objectives before the trip and prepare a report after that includes persons of interest, outcomes and next steps
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