Before we can seriously talk about investing, let’s get your finances under control with 10 easy ways to save money. Working in accounting and banking for the past 10 years, you get to see the range of ways people manage to make and lose money.  This episode is a brief summary of the top things to avoid and rules to follow. If you have any questions or suggestions drop a comment below or connect on twitter.


  1. Avoid unplanned travel
  2. Unused paid subscriptions
  3. Compulsive and comparative shopping
  4. Cook more, drink less
  5. Low quality purchases? – Sometimes it’s better to buy the high quality item that will last longer.
  6. Automate your savings
  7. Mindset – Keep your financial goals in mind and don’t worry about impressing people. (Listen to Ep. 031 for a full breakdown of the concept
  8. Act your wage – Can you really afford to roll with that crew?
  9. Set micro goals
  10. Keep expenses the same even when income increases
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