Your first job may not be your dream job. Maybe your second one will be less than perfect as well. Even so, the people you meet and experiences you collect along the way are priceless. Those same relationships can be useful later. This episode teaches you how to manage the exit process and walk out the door with integrity and respect. How to quit your job like a boss!

How do you know when you need to quit?
Prepare to quit your job long before you have to
  • Check out Episode 69 for a deep dive on how to prepare.
  • Let’s be honest. The company will eventually replace you and keep it moving. You’re non irreplaceable, but you can be UNFORGETTABLE.
  • Work today for the recommendation tomorrow. Let them remember your work, and miss your energy.
  • Do excellent work from day 1, or start today if needed.
Maintain your professionalism to the very end

Even though people may resent your plans to leave and try to push your buttons, keep your standards high. They are looking for a reason to discredit your performance. Do not surrender these points. Fake smile if you have to, but keep it professional.

Get recommendations early

Start collecting written endorsements or recommendations long before quitting is part of the conversation. Leverage tools like LinkedIn or simple email to document that social proof of your abilities.

Give an epic thank you

Decide whether you want send the usually farewell email, take certain people for lunch/coffee, send hand written cards, or execute a simple event that clearly shows you are appreciating your team rather than celebrating yourself.

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