Time is our most precious resource. As a high performer hungry for a career the leads to more time, money and freedom you have to master how to maximise the time available each day. Here are four power tips to start making this happen today.

Be more intentional about scheduling your time. A detailed calendar (or three) is not optional. Scheduling is just as important for work, as it is for down time, exercise, family, and relaxation. Book it!

Be extremely present and focused on each task. Give each thing the attention it’s due. Be intense, then move on to the next thing. If you have a day job, go hard for the required amount of time without getting distracted by trivial things.

Manage your mental time. When you switch to another task or switch from work time to family or relaxation time, practice making a mental shift as well. Lingering thoughts burn mental energy in the background and diminish the quality of whatever you’re doing right now.

Power Lunch! What daily tasks are you burning too much time on? Take lunch for example. Yes, you may be entitled to 60 minutes for lunch, but do you really need that much time to eat?  Maybe you don’t rush back to your desk to do more office work, but what about some self-improvement or intentional meditation. Read a book, start creating. Make notes about some concepts for your side hustle. Listen to a podcast or audiobook that you pre-selected for that week.

Question of the day:

What are some other areas like lunch where you can restructure the time? (Comment below or on twitter)


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