Similar to the rise of the internet over the past 20 years, blockchain technology is about to transform the way we do work, business and life. This mean exciting new opportunities and challenges for your career. If you’re curious about how technology can allow you to work remotely in a dynamic team stay tuned. Joseph Snyder (CEO) and Chris Brown (CTO) of Lannister Holdings are on the mic to get us ready to thrive in this new world.

On the inside:

  • What skills do you need to thrive in a remote workplace arrangement
  • What adjustments to leaders need to make when managing remote teams
  • Working on deliverables with limited supervision
  • Top skills needed to grow from technician to leader
  • Applications of blockchain technology
  • Blockchain vs. Cryptocurrency
  • Making the jump to being an entrepreneur


Learn more about blockchain development solutions from Lannister Holdings here:

Question of the day:

Do you think a large business can function smoothly even though most people work remotely? (Comment below or on twitter)


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