The first step to making someone fall in love with you is learning their name! Whether you’re networking at a party, leading a team, meeting with clients, or building rapport with other influencers, names are crucial. When it comes to building influence and a career that leads to more time, money and freedom, this skill is a tool of titans! Today we are teaching your practical easy tactics to up your name game in a rush. 

1. Decide that this information is important and must be remembered.
2. Slowdown the name exchange interaction.
3. Try to say the name few times. 
4. Clear your mind of competing thoughts and follow-up questions.
5. If you are able, look for visual cues that are memorable and match them with the name.
6. Confirm the spelling.
7. Use their name during the conversation. For example, as the lead in to a question: “So John, tell me about…”
8. Find a memorable connection that is familiar to you. Where are they from? School? Interesting topic discussed?
9. Use their name when saying goodbye. This can be at the end of the conversation, or when making your final exit rounds.
10. Take a few quick notes on what you remember about the person on the back of their business card, or in your phone (after the meeting). 
11. At the end of each day, take some quiet time to mentally review the new names and people.

Power Tip: Use their name AND an interesting point from your conversation in the follow-up email.

Question of the day:

Which one of these tips do you find most useful, and do you have any more suggestions? (Comment below or on twitter)


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