You’re good at your job, or you’re making serious progress toward becoming one of the best. Unfortunately good work alone doesn’t automatically mean you will get paid more money. This year we are not being cute about it. It’s time to get you skilled up AND paid up. Here are seven (7) tactics for you to implement before you even walk into a salary negotiation. Details on the inside so listen up!
  1.  Start preparing now, before you actually need or want a raise
  2. Research the internal and external market: going rates, required experience, work expectations
  3. Start collecting receipts and recommendations
  4. Network with the decision makers
  5. Build your reputation in the industry as an expert: Publish on LinkedIn, Medium or other relevant space, speak at events, research and
  6. present on a topic in your organisation 
  7. Start monetising your skills outside the office
  8. Be clear on what you want to give ahead of time. What’s your offer? (Daniella Green @slaypedia)

Question of the day:

Which tactic will you work on first? (Comment below or on twitter)


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