Dwyane Wade has worked his way to legend status over the course of his decorated NBA career.  Follow his journey and you will experience the thrill of victory and certainly the despair of defeat. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, or even a Miami Heat fan, you still have to admit that Wade has been one of the most notable players in modern basketball history.

Budweiser released an emotional four minute promotional video featuring a project Wade has been working on this season as he prepares to retire. As the final games go by, he has been swapping jerseys with other basketball legends who he respects such as Lebron James and other giants. This is reportedly to decorate a wall of his home with the jerseys as a nod to these players and a way to remember his own career.

In this show we’ll discuss how Wade moved beyond career to legacy, and reflect on Episode 88 “Career to Legacy” with updated commentary.

Grab some napkins and checkout the video below for more context.

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