If you’re listening to this any time near the year 2019, you’re aware that there are way too many things competing for our attention daily. Mobile phones alone make it easy to access just about all the information you want and certainly a bunch of other stuff you don’t need.

The latest developments in social media make it easy for anyone to showcase the interesting and mundane aspects of their life. We have unprecedented access to candid footage of celebrities and even our friends. The challenge with this is that we can get so caught up watching everyone else story highlights that we run out of time to build our own dreams.

Even worse, comparison starts to cripple our confidence. Thoughts of I’m not good enough, cool enough, smart enough start to dominate our head space. It’s great to support and celebrate others. In fact I highly recommended it. But balance is the key. It’s hard to create great things with people with you are the weakest link.  So work on moving from follower to potential partner.

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Question of the day: Who is one person you admire and would like to work with one day?
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