If you found this podcast I’m willing to guess that you interact with technology regularly. Each day we at least hear about Google, Facebook, Uber, Twitter and other big tech companies. Have you wondered how people actually land one of the seemingly illusive jobs? 

Today we sit down with Kevin Wu to get the inside scoop on how you can make this happen.  Kevin is the co-founder and CEO of Pathrise, a startup that acts as a career accelerator for students and young professionals breaking into the tech industry. Before starting Pathrise, Kevin worked at industry-leading tech companies, most notably as a product manager at Yelp and software engineer at Salesforce.

  • Beyond landing a big tech job, Kevin shares valuable insights on:
  • The real meaning of hustle
  • Starting a company and scaling the business
  • Dropping out of college or skipping it all together to purse a different opportunity

To learn more about how Pathrise is revolutionising the job hunting process connect with them online here:
Website – pathrise.com
Free guides and other resources – pathrise.com/guides
Twitter/ Facebook – @pathriseio
LinkedIn – linkedin.com/company/pathrise

Question of the day: If you had the chance to work for one company for a few years, which would you choose? (Comment below or on twitter)



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