Social media is our biggest opportunity and biggest distraction from grasping opportunities. Today we take a careful gaze at these apps and platforms that have captured so much of our time and attention. Are they good or bad? More importantly, how can we leverage what they offer to build our personal brand and career.

How to do social media better:

  1. Be strategic. Before you open the app set a time limit and decide the purpose of this session. Are you browsing, intentionally looking for some distracting entertainment, engaging and commenting, stalking friends?
  2. Schedule specific times during the day to minimize constant checking in. 
  3. Place the most time consuming apps out of sight in a folder or separate page. 
  4. Log out after each session. Having to re-enter your password can be a good deterrent. 
  5. Avoid using social media to pass time. Replace that urge with an app like Audible, Kindle, Duolingo or a podcast where your mind can get a healthy shift to something that´’s still useful.

Final thoughts:

Social media is not inherently bad, but it is designed to consume your time and attention. Time and attention you could be giving to advancing your career and other goals. Use it, before it uses you. Network, engage in useful conversations, market your brand. 

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Question of the day: What’s your favourite social media platform and why? (Comment below or on twitter)


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