You don’t need all the attention, just the right attention. In a digital world that has us conditioned to seek validation in likes and follows, I had a human reminder yesterday that consistent hard work in the pursuit of excellence get’s noticed by people who truly understand excellence.

Many of us are seeking confirmation from crowds of people who for no fault of their own (necessarily) aren’t in a position to fully appreciate the nuances of your brilliance. It’s like giving fine aged wine to someone who is fine with wine from the supermarket. They are not bad people or stupid. They’re just not into wine, or you, and that’s OK!

Focus on promoting and refining your work, brand and message so your true tribe can find you.

Also, maybe you’re not good enough YET to warrant the attention you’re seeking prematurely. That’s ok too. Keep moving forward so you have serious value to share when the spotlight turns on.

For now, remember, the right people are watching.

For more on this last point about not being ready, check out this video from one of my favourite creators, Roberto Blake (@robertoblake). He’s talking to creators here, but I think it’s relevant for many other career paths.



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