It’s a common scenario. You’re thinking about starting a business, seeking a promotion or switching jobs. The usual approach is to start working on the exact business plan or agonising about how to make the ask or maneuver yourself into the sight of the right people. How will you get the business loan or startup capital? What are the requirements for the new position? Yes, all of these are valid concerns, but let’s back up. Before any of this, you need to start building your brand around what you want to represent.

Build the brand that you want to be know for, even outside the office. “My personal life is my business!” Ok, suit yourself, but this is the most direct path to success. Your out of office, profile online and in the community can lend serious pre-selling weight to your next move. Before you even arrive at the negotiation table, build the image of yourself as an expert in a particular area.

Tune in for more on how to make this happen. 

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