When it comes to career building we often jump to salary negotiation, job hunting, making the right moves in the office and similar topics. But it’s hard to do your best work if your body and mind are unprepared to sustain high performance. Take a look at many successful people and you’ll see that health and fitness is a crucial ingredient to their mix. To make sure you have right tools to get that fitness level up we invited an expert to break it down.

J.C. “Mr. Fitness” is an Atlanta based Master C.P.T. and Nutrition Counselor and owner of TriSet Fitness LLC. He’s spent the last 15 dedicating his life to teaching people how to optimize their lifestyle with healthy habits.

In this in depth interview JC talks about developing a career in the massive health and fitness industry and practical steps busy professionals like you can take everyday to prepare your body and mind to crush other challenges. We go into the facts behind popular diets like Keto, how to separate the fake and enthusiast fitness gurus on instagram from real experts, fasting and so much more.

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