Welcome to season 1, episode 3 of our Caribbean Wisdom Series. This season we a featuring brilliant minds from the British Virgin Islands. Today’s guest, Micheal Thomas, brings a seasoned perspective from leading a family business that’s been growing for over 50 years.

Michael Thomas is a business trailblazer. He is the CEO of the family-owned CTL Home Center, the BVI’s first General Store, that specializes in home building and maintenance products. Michael has a passion for politics and community. He serves the BVI on a national level on numerous boards and committees.

This episode is a master class on how to build a business that creates careers for other people.

  • Mike shares his wisdom on:
  • Navigating challenges.
  • Working with your spouse and family.
  • Networking and negotiating major financing deals with banks.
  • Building a corporate culture that makes employee stick around.
  • The big money sitting in so called blue collar jobs.
  • Riding a bicycle after 20 years and much more.

See what Michael’s family and the CTL Home Center team are building here: ctlbvi.com

Question of the day: Are you currently building your own career, or building something that creates careers?  (Comment below or on twitter)

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