Welcome to the final episode of season 1 in our Caribbean Wisdom Series. This season we are featuring brilliant minds from the British Virgin Islands. Today’s guest, Sachkia Barnes, brings hope and a path for those of you who may be in a job that you don’t love. Learn how to use freelancing as a way to gain more freedom and possibly transition into becoming a full entrepreneur.

Sachkia Barnes is a communications strategist and founder of Barnes PR.  Founded in 2009, BPR provides public relations and community outreach services to its tourism and hospitality, financial services, and public administration clients. Seeking to ensure more women successfully bring their ideas to market, Sachkia provides business development services for female founders. 

Connect with Sachkia here:
Twitter – @sachkiabarnes
Instagram – @sachkiabarnes
Facebook – /sachkiabarnes
LinkedIn – in/sachkiabarnes

Question of the day: What valuable skill could you leverage or learn to start freelancing? (Comment below or on twitter)

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