The people you see winning aren’t necessarily better or smarter than you. However, they are producing more output. 
Hi, name is Dalan and as President of the Perfectionists and Overthinkers Association I’d like to welcome you to this meeting. 

Last week I had a call with my book coach where we ended up discussing a number of things, including how to get your insecurities out of the way and get stuff done. This is often called imposter syndrome, and ironically the people who are more capable tend to suffer with it more than people who are truly clueless.

Your ability to produce good, imperfect results more quickly is crucial to your success. The truth is that mastery takes time and it come through doing, not just  thinking or talking about doing. We must be willing to act, knowing full well that whatever it is could be better, and will be better the next time you act.

To move forward, silence the real and self-manufactured critics enough to create the ticket to your freedom. Is feedback bad? Certainly not, but it needs to be part of your process, not a stand alone activity. Create, release, get feedback, improve, then create again, better.

The unskilled naive person is so unaware or unconcerned about their deficiencies that they produce and iterate faster than the genius who can’t get version one of a brilliant idea out of their head.

Repeating this process and moving toward mastery takes time. So readjust your expectations for how quickly success will arrive. You may not even be comparing yourself to true masters, just people who have released more imperfect value on the world with their skills. 


Question of the day: What have you been second guessing yourself on lately?  (Comment below or on twitter) 

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