How do people “suddenly” accomplish great things? Sometimes it seems like they pop up out of nowhere with recorded albums, a thriving business, international awards, powerful careers and even published books. Do they possess some superior intelligence not accessible to the rest of us? Do they have more hours in a day or significantly less responsibilities jostling for their attention?

In most cases I believe the answer is no, or at least they actively make the answer a no. Let me explain. The problem likely is not that you lack intelligence. In fact, your intelligence may be the very thing fuelling your rampant curiosity and ambitions to explore multiple interesting paths. As a result, shifting amongst these mental and sometimes physical excursions eats away at your time each day. You’ve convinced yourself that each one is a worthy cause and eligible for your immediate attention.

To become great at something, to produce brilliant work, for a certain period at least, we have to forsake some other curiosities and unleash extreme focus on the task at hand. This is the bitter price of focus.

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