With COVID-19 gripping the world, many countries are ordering voluntary and in some cases involuntary home quarantine to slow the spread of the virus. This extreme social distancing creates many new challenges for economies, businesses, school and people. It also opens up excellent opportunities for people who leverage the time wisely. Some persons are complaining about being bored, but starting today and into the following weeks we are giving you 20 ways to maximise social distance time and come out of this mess like a boss. Here are the next 5, plus a special free bonus resource at the end.

6. Write and publish an article related to your craft or industry

7. Record a video or podcast about a relevant topic (for example the one you just researched in #5)

8. Keep a daily quarantine journal to document the experience, new ideas and insights

9. Learn a new skill that can generate money or be a hobby (coding, photography, graphic design)

10. Develop a regular home exercise routine

Free Resource

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Question of the day

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