FTF 179 ls Denise Liebetrau_ How to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro

Let’s talk about why you’re still underpaid and how to negotiate pay and benefits to earn your worth. 

Are you being paid what you’re worth? Have you thought about asking for more but the idea of that awkward conversation makes you scared or nervous? If you want to learn how smart executives negotiate better compensation you need to listen to these tactics from Denise Liebetrau.

She explains how negotiating for more rewards is so much wider than a single conversation, and gives bonus tips on how to boost your executive presence and move like someone that actually deserves serious compensation.

Who is Denise Lebetrau?

Denise Liebetrau is a HR Consultant, who partners with business leaders, to get the people and performance metrics in place to maximize profit and impact. She is also a  Career & Salary Negotiation Coach that helps professionals get paid what they are worth and have careers aligned to their values.

Connect with Denise for more coaching, resources and tips

Website and services: ProsperConsultingLLC.com
Social Media: prosperconsultingllc.com/connect

Question of the day

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