180 – How to Look and Sound Professional on a Video Call

Top 5 video call fails

by | May 18, 2020 | Show Notes

In case it’s not obvious yet, remote work and online meetings are now a larger part of doing business. The extent of this may very well reduce when(ever) things calm down, but right now video calls via platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx and others are connecting the world. Today we teach you how to avoid some huge fails and present yourself better than the average person online.


Question of the day

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Inside This Episode

5 Tips for Looking and Sounding More Professional Online


1. Dress like a professional – Let the context of the meeting dictate or attire, not your location.


2. Manage the camera angle – A laptop on a desk with a camera shooting up your nose may not be the most flattering angle. Get a box or stack some books to get the camera closer to eye level so you can sit up straight and look at the camera. Consider ditching the built in camera for a decent web cam with 1080p or at least 720p resolution.


3.Look at the camera when you speak, not the screen – To make eye contact with your audience on a video call, look at the camera rather than eyes of whoever you’re talking to.


4. Lighting – Good lighting can go a long way to making you look good, even on a fairly basic camera. Consider sitting near a window with natural sunlight at your side or shining toward your face. Invest in at least on portable light.


5. Audio – Wear headphone to avoid being that person causing annoying feedback on the call. If you want to sound even better, invest in a reasonable USB headset or USB microphone. You want something that say DYNAMIC microphone, not a condenser which is likely to pick up too many little background noises. (Sorry Blue Yeti people, not today.)


Bonus: Join the call early to test your video and audio settings. Tech glitches happen sometimes, but do your part to avoid them like a pro.

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