182 – Put in the reps: Building mastery through execution

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Show Notes

How do you rapidly increase your ability to deliver excellent work and get enough traction to earn the attention of the people who need to notice?

You can spend loads of time thinking, studying, planning and theorising about the best practices, or you can start producing. The tough part is accepting that all the work you produce especially in the early stages will not be your best. It may not match up to the other masters of the craft that you admire. You may not be 100% proud but to grow faster, create and produce more.

The people making an impact on an industry or company are not always the best, but they are often the people DOING more than the average person in that space. As such, they create more potential opportunities to get noticed, while simultaneously developing their skill through practice.


Question of the day

What will you commit to producing more of this year? (Comment below or on twitter)


Essential career advice for ambitious young professionals. 

Hosts & Guests

Dalan Vanterpool (host)



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