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Do you want to escape the monotony of dragging yourself into the office each day just to do work that doesn’t set your soul on fire—or pay enough to make it worth the trouble? Are you highly-educated and driven, but frustrated from feeling like you have little control over your career and money?

NO BOSS, ONLY CLIENTS: How to Build an Extraordinary Career and a Life of Freedom does not give the typical “Quit your job and start a business” advice. Instead, it pushes back against that trend and teaches you how to leverage your day job while building other income streams.

In No Boss, Only Clients, you will learn how to:

  • Build your career AND a thriving business with the right systems to earn your freedom.
  • Reprogram your mind from “passive employee” to “valuable service provider.”
  • Activate unconventional ways to get known in your company and industry.
  • Build genuine relationships with people that can supercharge your growth.
  • Negotiate a wider compensation package rather than a basic salary.
  • Get noticed by the right people and become a powerful force in your industry.
  • Get paid more, get paid differently, and how to begin investing your money for even more gains.

If you desire practical steps for building a powerful career and possessing personal finances that free you from being held hostage to a paycheck, this is your guide.

Transform your professional life and personal finances with this powerful book today.

No Boss, Only Clients cover image square

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