A quick word. 

Take a minute and bring your wildest dreams to the front of your mind. I’ll wait.

Old radio 1

Ok, are we all here? Great! Here’s the challenge. Many of us have these fancy FM level dreams, but we are only vibrating on AM frequencies. To put it another way, we are aware that the massive success, meaningful careers, rewarding personal life, powerful life partners and many other good things exist in the universe, but our antenna isn’t in a position to even pick up what’s happening in those frequencies. 


Listen, if you are an ambitious young professional, please understand that the good things you desire are not going to come all the way down to your level for easy picking. Instead they hang over your head like a crown, waiting for you to grow tall enough to wear it like royalty. The question is whether you are prepared to grow up?

Old radio 2

I’ll be honest. Vibrating at a higher frequency is not easy at first. It takes more energy. I don’t just mean this in some fluffy, deep metaphorical sense. We’re talking about real energy. You may need to change your diet, exercise, develop better sleeping habits, manage your health. As Will Smith put it, success is an athletic experience.

Most importantly, raising your frequency will mean leaving behind the familiar in pursuit of a better life. What’s familiar to you? Friends, family, habits, mindsets, limiting beliefs? What ever it is I’m challenging you today, to get real about the connection between what you say you want out of life, and how much you are willing to transform for the crown.

If you want FM results, adjust your internal radio dial to a place where you can connect with the rewards, people, and power that only exist at high frequencies.

See you at the top!


Dalan is a private banker, executive career coach and content creator sharing essential career advice for ambitious young professionals at dalanvanterpool.com. Catch him on social media @dalanv.