Let’s be brutally honest here. Besides the fluffy talk about fulfilling dreams and helping humanity, you’re working because you want to get paid. That may not be the only reason, but it’s a crucial component otherwise you would be running around hunting for a full-time volunteer position. People will keep showing up at a job for years even though their personal or professional aspirations aren’t being fed, but let the money stop and see how quickly things escalate.

But wait a minute, is compensation only about money? Not to downplay the facts here, because money matters. Still, I believe it’s a sign of maturity when you step to the negotiation table demanding more than cash.

I want to challenge you think more broadly about compensation beyond just the usual salary and bonus. In this episode we discuss 4 non-cash payments to consider when negotiating.

Question of the day:

What other great non-cash payments would you add to this list?   (Comment below or on twitter)


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