Careers and Cash Flow

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Welcome to Careers and Cash Flow!

This is a groovy personal finance podcast that helps professionals connect their career moves to their wealth goals. 

Each Monday we cover topics in personal finance, teaching you how to manage your money like a boss. No gimmicks or get rich quick schemes here, but the goal is to get you to financial freedom faster than the average person. While entrepreneurship is all the rage on Instagram, we are aware that for building a successful career can be a powerful source of income for investing, long-term wealth, and even starting a business.  If fact, we recommend you do both simultaneously. Build a career AND a business. Thus the name, Careers and Cash Flow. 

You can expect conversations with experts on money, business, and career development. Your host Dalan Vanterpool also shares lessons and resources from his 15+ years of experience working in multinational firms in three countries as an accountant and private banker for high net worth clients. 

We are building a vibrant community of young professionals hungry for more time, money and freedom. If that sounds like you then please join the community with your first name and email below so we can give you these powerful free tools and special deals. Community members also get early access to discounts in our Money Merch Store.

Enjoy the show and we’ll catch you on the other side of amazing!

203 – Gone for November, and maybe December

203 – Gone for November, and maybe December

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202 – Work Responsibly – Don’t Die On Your Day Job

202 – Work Responsibly – Don’t Die On Your Day Job

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