Live Podcast Guest

Schedule your in-person interview with Dalan here.


We are excited to have you as a guest on Careers and Cash Flow, where we share essential financial education for young professionals.

Here are a few things to prepare for our interview:

Short Biography (50 words or less) – This is for your introduction and you’ll have a chance to share more details. You’ll have a space to upload this when booking your interview.

Products and offers (optional) – If you have any events, books, courses, services, discount codes, resource recommendations or websites that you think will fit our audience, let me know so I can ask the question during the interview. If you’d like to offer a custom discount code, consider using CASHFLOW or some related variation. The audience may respond better with that personal touch.

Tech and Equipment: Relax! Our team will bring all the recording gear. Bring a bottle of water if you like. 🙂

Location: We will coordinate the recording location with you via email as this will vary. If we need to adjust the time a bit to fit the location we’ll contact you via email or phone.

Video: The podcast is mainly audio, but we may record video as well to use as promotional clips or a full presentation later. This will enable more people to hear your message and build your influence.

Podcast Guest Release: Once your interview is booked, we will send you a Podcast Guest Release form to sign electronically before we meet. You will need to confirm agreement with the terms to complete your booking below. You can review that form HERE.

The main reason for the release is for us to have some documentation that we have your permission to distribute the content, and avoid any issues later. Distributing the content is also great promotion for you as a guest and your product or service.

Schedule your interview – Use the calendar below to book a time that works for you.

For any questions, you can reach me easily via email ( To learn more about the podcast and our audience have a brief look/listen at  When your show goes live, we’ll send links and graphics you can share with your tribe.

Thanks for letting us share your light with more people! We appreciate your time.

 – Dalan